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Our Expertise

Corporate strategic assessment

Is your company on a profitable growth path, and what would it take to be there?


After an adapted listening and information gathering phase, a diagnosis is established with an action plan.

Product/solutions mix optimization

What is in your current and future product / solutions portfolio?


What is your competitive situation in your market segment ?

Is your R&D workforce currently executing well, and is it affordable?


Are you vertically integrated or should your company focus on its key added value ?

Competitiveness enhancement

What about your overall cost and working capital structure?


Is your sourcing strategy really up to date? Did you work towards minimizing your inventories ?


Did you trim your manufacturing footprint to your key stakes ?


Do your factories implement lean manufacturing principles in a meaningful and result-oriented way ?

International development

Are you currently equipped to expand your markets abroad?


Are you happy about your unique and exclusive Chinese agent in terms of market development?


Are your distributors generating enough leads ?


Among your priorities, are there some critical geographies that you would like to explore, but do not know how to get there in an efficient manner?


Would it make sense to build a footprint and possibly a factory in an adequately chosen country ?


Interim/turn around situations

Take over a business unit or an organization, sanitize, boost it back into a positive and growth state or at least provide answers to the key questions you would have.


Plan and execute a factory transfer project



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